Our Vision

Be the leading youth organization championing for good governance
based on the rule of Law in Kilifi and beyond.

Why Fimbo Youth?

Fimbo Youth initiative is a movement that started 2015 and it unites all the youths and local
youth organizations across the county and is comprised of youth structure in every ward each
having a committee of 11 youths among them are 2 resource persons. The group’s main
business is promoting peace and security among the people specifically the youths by educating
the community about the importance of education and social accountability in all spheres of
development. As activist group Kilifi chapter, we believe by doing the above activities we will
bridge the gap between the rich and the poor hence to help in eradicating poverty in our large

Our Objectives

1. Helping the young peoples’ voice be heard to all level of governance through formation
of active youth groups in every ward to sub-county and –county level committees
2. Promoting peace as a source of development in Kilifi county by empowering young
people on social-economic activities for self sustenance
3. To enhance civic education to our youth, women and the society at large.
4. To enlighten our society on the vices of Gender Based Violence.
5. To make sure that our society is well versed with issue pertaining governance and Tax Justice.

Here are three ways you can help

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Our Mission

To build the capacity of youth on good governance, economic opportunities and Inter-communal relationship in the county through advocacy, policy formulation
and Campaigns.

For more information about our work or to Join us, Call +254714887060/ +254731505415.